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DISCLAIMER#1 (OR HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL) :iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 113 15
freeze frame.
Everything is upside down;
an ocean down below.
and sky becomes
reach out from above
thin moss covered arms
Spindly branches like
"scitoibitna no
egac a ni
gip a"
counter clockwise.
The car spins around
The pit in my
stomach expands below
in to the valley's
monstrous green gape.
"evitcudorp erom dna reihtlaeh
, rettif"
My scalp digs in
to the headrest behind.
"mlac (ssenkaew ta hgual
ot ytiliba eht) tihs
retniw nezorf
otni nevird s'taht
kcits a ot deit
tac a ekil"
Back arches forward,
towards the steering wheel,
to the little patch
of a
dark red.
"citnarf dna ytpme
regnol on
avilas htiw sessik llits
mlif doog a ta seirc llits
yromem doog a"
Sudden jerk from behind
sends me
crashing into steering wheel.
Eyes and ears blinded,
nose crushed,
taste of iron
on my tongue,
and broken teeth
in my mouth.
Car rises up
sails backward
through the air;
wheels roll clockwise
and the voice
from the radio
"(taes kcab ni depparts
ybab fo tohs)
tew eht ni pirg
taht serit
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 2 2
Mature content
A Letter. :iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 8 9
Walking Home.
I was walking down the station road,
and I saw a kite-string in the dirt.
Discard, unwanted- "Sort of like me,"
I thought and picked it up. I could
see the boy who'd lost a kite to
"It must be all the drugs." I said
and threw the kite string away and
started walking again.
Further down, I saw a dirty poster
torn from the compound wall.
A fat lady on it, smiling what she
thought was a sexy smile.
Lots of cleavage and a little stache
crowning her lips.
"Fuck!" I said and tossed it aside.
Neither the fatness nor the failed
sexy smile bothered me. But the
stache was where I drew the line.
Even further down the road,
very conveniently placed to get my
attention, was a notebook. It was
probably tossed aside by someone
who I thought had better things
to do than write.
So I picked it up and wrote this
poem in it. On reading it again
I thought, "This is crap! I should
stop picking up so much rubbish
on my way back home!"
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 1 1
It's the goddamn Batman. :iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 0 1
Mature content
The Trip. :iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 4 16
Mature content
A Snake and an albatross. :iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 2 9
Mature content
i. The Bartender :iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 8 8
Prohibition era blues.
At roller-coaster peak: gyre-end.
Serpentine-rattle of "R.S.V.P." Jenga-block constructs;
31 characters left.
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 1 0
Amon loves Oskar.
Drummed down heartbeat eyes,
Panoramic-expanding cresting
air between quaking lungs
and flickering breasts.
Ebb-flow slake of spring blue
and salty snowflake froth on tongue's end.
Blue-red breath in hummingbird flutter.
Ahead, crow-black eyes behind
salty moist inches of plastic-glass.
Talking in tongues unlike
colored leaders of shopping-cart nations,
or starry-eyed canons after
outsourced dreams in Limbo grounds.
Hated cocktail in one and-
Export tobacco smoke in other,
away from drunken strumming
and reedy-voiced songs.
Plots of mutual drinks and
Black sheep rendezvous; heart
blurts a weak-willed engine sputter,
and iceberg hit in stomach's pit.
Penile speech from effeminate lips
Synapses firing gyrating ex-why
pulses in an ex-ex-head.
Brings heart's ripples to a surreal stop
and start unnoticed like
traffic signals counting down in between
night and day- routine.
Seconds like water in cupped-hands
stolen from marathon minutes.
Light retinal echo remains;
unfading scar on heart and
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 6 8
A Valentine's Day Funeral
She holds the mic with
a little too much young love-
worn proudly in mascara tears.
Eulogy delivered with scripted
quivers and intonations, she hugs
remnant memories of her silver-
haired lover left in legal papers.
As he lowers the coffin lid,
He sees his father's back
through childlike eyes,
disappearing behind closing
doors; the outer-light reduced
To a thin blade that leaves
A sliver of hope in his eyes-
Want for his father to turn around
Wearing a smile signaling
A return of Spring-days.
But the door had slammed shut,
Damp footfalls had faded away,
And he had walked away.
Like father, like son- he turns
around and walks away from
Dear dad.
Killer crocs cry and soon
wade around- belly full. Crying
relatives fill the seats.
Where are the crocs?
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 2 7
Fool in Love with You
Breath held close to the chest-
A soft numbness.
The ringing of the steady tick
in his ears- he waits.
Phone sits solemnly still-
It daren't speak or,
God forbid, yell- and
Ask him to stop waiting.
He wearily pours tired adorations
On his muse. The phone sits still,
And the clock still ticks,
And he waits.
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 2 5
Mature content
Village Valentine :iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 19 15
I do not need it-
Not the unabridged version
The Cliff's Notes will do.
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 10 27
Three Little Gummi Bears
Three gummi bears stood in a park and then, one died. They cloned his body.
He's now being sold in packs all over the world. We eat his carcass. Yum yum.
The second gummi bear- he decided to do ads. He was eaten by the munchie ridden director.
Poor dum dum.
The third gummi bear was all alone so he jumped into the nearby river. I found the third
gummi bear today and I ate him. You were so yum yum, dum dum.
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 0 1
2:47 - 3:03AM
The lone straggling buses and cars whose day begins when the others' comes to a close ramble on in a state that lies somewhere between sleep and conscious wakefulness. They drone on, unfettered by the non-existent traffic, speeding along in their routine paths- straying a little when that reluctant part of the drivers' brains decides that they should go to sleep- despite being hopped up on enough caffeine and nicotine to keep the entire city awake. And then, there are those otherwise silent vehicles that break out suddenly in chaotic honks as the drivers swerve away- heart racing in momentary instants of restiveness amidst the usually near-comatose reveries and finally reverting back to idly ambling on. There are also those would-be-asleep one-timers who occasionally wander out, veering past the crazy drug-addled college drivers and try to find their bearings in the transformed city that seemed to have been lurking around waiting for the last seconds of the night to tick by, like a mal
:iconevil-nj:Evil-Nj 4 14

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#Stamp-Kingdom's Jan Contest: 'Round The Outside
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The Contest
Stamps are generically made with content inside the stamp. Stamps were introduced to deviantART by TheRyanFord back in 2005. Six years have passed since then, so it's only natural that things evolve over time. In this contest, you are encouraged to use your creativity by taking advantage of the space outside of a stamp.

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:pointr: All entries must be submitted after January 3rd 2011.
:pointr: Entries must abide by the deviantART T
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Contest: An Emotion
This is Things-Not-Seen's January contest and the theme is this contest is 'an emotion'.
This basically means that the theme of your entry must revolve around an emotion (happiness, saddness, excitment, ect.) and you must clearly portray that emotion in your entry.
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All mediums will be accepted.
Both old and new deviations will be acce
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Fairy Tale Contest
:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: THE CONTEST - CLASSIC FAIRY TALES :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:
So the idea of this contest will be your take, or interpretation from one of the following 10 Fairy Tales that I have chosen. You can choose to do panels of the main points of the tale, or a single scene from the tale, or a classic movie style collage poster. Whatever you feel like doing - it's completely up to you! Absolutely anyone can enter :) The rules are simple (and listed below). Essentially, create some wicked rad art based on one of these Fairy Tales! Maybe you want to do a steampunk version of one of them? A sci-fi or fantasy inspired version? Or a time-period piece. Maybe you wish to redesign the story characters with your own brilliant flair? You could even just stick to doing a tradtional version of the fairy if that's what you feel like! Choose a Fairy Tale, and let you're creativity and imagination go wild!
The Fairy Tales
- The Prince
:iconsketchtastrophe:sketchtastrophe 184 144
Contest Time at My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink
New Year's Contest:
The Theme:
Verbal Prompts
Just as the Christmas/Winter contest was based off visual prompts (you looked at the picture and wrote about what it inspired you to write) the New Years/January contest is exactly the same idea. I will give you ten sentences, phrases or words and you write something based on one that inspires you.
You do not have to include the words in your poem.
The Prompts:
:bulletred: 1. Good and clean and fresh
:bulletorange: 2. Promises
:bulletyellow: 3. Resolutions
:bulletgreen: 4. About time
:bulletblue: 5. Dear Diary
:bulletpurple: 6. Repeat performance
:bulletpink: 7. Changing perspectives
:bulletblack: 8. How the Grinch stole New Years
:bulletred: 9. A New Year’s miracle
:bulletorange: 10. I will survive
The Rules:
[Bullet; Blue] Poetry entries only
[Bullet; Blue] One entry per person - you have to be a member to enter.
[Bullet; Blue] Only entries written on or after Jan 4 will
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Announcing 'Moments in a Conceptual Dream Con
Happy New Year to Everyone! :iconmanip-your-music:is having it's first contest of the new year.  It is based on the Band Pink Floyd and it is entitled "Moments in a Conceptual Dream Contest".
To me, Pink Floyd epitomizes the total conceptual experience as far as structure and form are concerned as in albums like "Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and The Wall".
Using a Pink Floyd song of your choice, please include just the lyrics and indicate a particular line from the song that fits the deviation.  You can also add a video link if you want to. Please submit to the "Moments in a Conceptual Dream Folder" when completed. Limit - 1 per person!:thanks: This contest is open to group members and admins. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners who will be determined by a panel of outside judges (who cannot participate).  Entries will be judged based on Originality, Interpretation of the Theme, Interpretation of the Song (song line), and Artistic Me
:iconcreativemikey:creativemikey 19 29
SimplyJanuary Poetry Contest: Back from the Dead!
After a long hiatus, simplypoetry is finally back under new management! What better way to celebrate this by launching our SimplyJanuary Contest alongside with our sister project, simplyprose?
For this contest, simplypoetry wants you to embrace the nature of our return. In fact, we want you to:
Write a poem about something/someone coming back from the dead. However, it must be a response to something/someone coming back from the dead.
It can be a personal response from you as a poet, or a fictional voice responding to something/someone coming back from the dead. Whatever that's coming back from the dead doesn't have to be a concrete thing either (eg. a pet cat, an axe murderer, Atlantis rising from the sea, a historical character, etc). It can be an ideology, a scenario, a secret, a dream, a concept, a fear (eg. cannibalism in today's society, a hushed family secret, the concept of arranged marriage, etc etc), anything you can think of! Basically anything t
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  • Listening to: Waitin' In School - Ricky Nelson
  • Reading: nothing.
  • Watching: nothing.
  • Playing: nothing.
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: Water
Been a while since I actually posted anything here, but to anyone who has been following my prose and poetry, I'm moving to a custom domain hosted on Tumblr!

Won't be abandoning this page though. Will probably be using it as a backup, mostly.

Anyway, just a shout-out. Ciao!

Journal History


NJ Sam
Artist | Student | Literature
The name is Sam. NJ Sam. (Ugh! Cliche.)

I be a Literature (English) major with a penchant for being eccentric and I have a very bad memory. I listen to all kinds of music and draw inspiration from it.

I like to pretend that I am anti-social. I have erratic mood-shifts all the time and I love being spontaneous and random.

Current Residence: India
Favourite genre of music: Anything goes
Favourite photographer: Hakkan
Favourite style of art: Digital Painting, Abstract
Operating System: Mac OS X Leopard, Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch, PSP
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy
Personal Quote: Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling.



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